Agenda: default format of
    review  talks 50 = 40 min (presentation) + 10 min questions
    session talks 40 = 35 min + 5 min

Monday    May 16

morning session :     Denis Allard  Sebastian Baur  Sebasian White  Edmond Iancu
9.00                welcome
9.10-10.00       Denis Allard               UHECR source model and the transition from Galactic to extragalactic cosmic-rays
  coffee break
Sebastian Baur          Recent CMS results in the forward region with the CASTOR detector  
11.00-11.40      Sebastian White        The interaction region of high energy protons  
Edmond Iancu          A brief survey of high energy evolution in QCD

session :     Leif Lonnblad  Pablo Guerrero  Frasher Loshaj   Anna Stasto
14.00-14.50      Leif Lonnblad              Hadronic Final States in pA collisions
  coffee break
15.20-16.00      Pablo Guerrero            Ultra-forward particle production from CGC + Lund fragmentation  
16.00-16.50      Frasher Loshaj             HERWIG overview with focus on soft physics
Anna Stasto               Atmospheric neutrinos from charm decays  /SKYPE/

Tuesday May 17

morning session :     Zvi Citron  Klaus Werner  Andrea Beraudo 
Zvi Citron                 Highlights of pA and AA studies with ATLAS 
coffee break
Klaus Werner            Charm production in high multiplicity pp events

11.10-12.00      Andrea Beraudo        Medium effects on heavy-flavour observables in high-energy nuclear collisions

session :    Mark Strikman  Jose Bellido  Tanguy Pierog 
Mark Strikman        Color fluctuations in photon-nucleus and proton-nucleus collisions at the LHC 
  coffee break
Jose Bellido                Experimental constraints to high energy hadronic interaction models                                                                                                                                          using the Pierre Auger Observatory - Part I
16.00-16.50+    Tanguy Pierog           Experimental constraints to high energy hadronic interaction models                                                                                                                                          using the Pierre Auger Observatory - Part II ,    Part III

Wednesday  May 18

morning session :    Jan Kaspar  Paolo Gunnellini  Yoshiki Tsunesada 
Jan Kaspar                     TOTEM 
Paolo Gunnellini            Review of final state structure of pp interactions at the LHC           
   coffee break
Yoshiki Tsunesada         Measurement of air shower maxima and p-Air cross section with the Telescope Array   


afternoon :      EXCURSION

Thursday     May 19

session :     Daniel Tapia Takaki     Boris Blok 
Daniel Tapia Takaki     Ultraperipheral collisions at the LHC: results and perspectives 
  coffee break
    David d'Enteria/
Tanguy Pierog    Global event properties in p-p collisions at sqrt(s) = 100 TeV from cosmic-ray hadronic MC models
10.50-11.30     Sun Guanhao    Impact of QCD jets and heavy-quark production on the muon anomaly in atmospheric showers from ultrahigh energy cosmic rays /SKYPE/
11.30-12.10     Boris Blok                      Multiparton interactions @ LHC

session :    Kohta Murase  Sergey Ostapchenko  Paul Sorensen 
14.00-15.00    Kohta Murase                      Cosmic neutrinos and multi-messenger connections: hints or conspiracy? 
  coffee break
15.30-16.10   Sergey Ostapchenko         Constraining hadronic interaction models with LHC & cosmic ray data
16.10-17.00   Paul Sorensen                         Studies of QGP and the Nuclear Matter Phase Diagram at RHIC    

Friday   May 20

morning session :     Takashi Sako  Dionysios Triantafyllopoulos 
9.00-9.50         Takashi Sako                      Very forward particle production at colliders LHCf and RHICf 
  coffee break
Dionysios Triantafyllopoulos  Resumming large transverse logarithms in the high-energy evolution of color dipoles
11.00-11.40     Yuri Dokshitzer                      Chromodynamics of particle production in lepton-proton & proton-proton collisions