Dan Israël

Maître de conférences / Associate professor

Laboratoire de physique théorique et hautes énergies, UMR 7589
Université Pierre et Marie Curie
4 place Jussieu 75252 Paris CEDEX 05, FRANCE
Tel +33 (0)1 44 27 74 29

Research interests

I am a theoretical physicist working in several areas related to string theory.

In the past I have been interested in (non-rational) conformal field theories, string theory in curved space-times, tachyon dynamics, gauge theory dualities from brane dynamics and five-brane holography.

Recently, I have focused my attention on formal aspects of string compactifications, such as heterotic compactifications with torsion and non-geometric compactifications, including connections with mathematics.

Curriculum Vitae (French)
Curriculum Vitae (English)
Publications (INSPIRE HEP)

Habilitation thesis

Some presentations

Heterotic/type II duality and non-geometric compactifications
Mirrored K3 automorphisms and non-geometric compactifications
One-loop corrections to heterotic flux compactifications
Dualities and new SUSY index of Fu-Yau compactifications
Asymmetric Gepner models
Heterotic Torsional Backgrounds, Threshold Corrections & Mock Modular Forms
Heterotic Torsional Backgrounds, from Supergravity to CFT
Domain-Wall Dynamics in SYM and Duality
Non-Supersymmetric Seiberg Duality in orientifold QCD & Non-Critical Strings
Brane Decay in Curved Spacetime


One-loop BPS Amplitudes in Heterotic Flux Compactifications
Heterotic torsional backgrounds, from supergravity to CFT

Teaching: lectures notes

Lectures on string theory (M2 ICFP)
Mécanique quantique (M1 concepts fondamentaux)
Ondes mécaniques et lumineuses  (L3)


Black and White
Pyrénées (2019)
Mukot Himal, Dolpo, Nepal (2018)
Kyoto (2017-2018)
Pacific Northwest, USA (2017)
Bolivia (2004)
Siberia (2001)
Mongolia (1998)
Langtang, Nepal (1998)
Morocco (1995)
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I am interested in Arabo-Turkish classical music. Below are some of my compositions.

Samai Hijaz Kar
Samai Dil Nisin
Pesrev Isfahan