Dan Israël

Maître de conférences / Associate professor

Laboratoire de physique théorique et hautes énergies, UMR 7589
Université Pierre et Marie Curie
4 place Jussieu 75252 Paris CEDEX 05, FRANCE
Tel +33 (0)1 44 27 74 29

Research interests

I am a theoretical physicist working in several areas related to string theory.

In the past I have been interested in (non-rational) conformal field theories, string theory in curved space-times, tachyon dynamics, gauge theory dualities from brane dynamics and five-brane holography.

Recently, I have focused my attention on formal aspects of string compactifications, such as heterotic compactifications with torsion and non-geometric compactifications, including connections with mathematics.

Curriculum Vitae (French)
Curriculum Vitae (English)
Publications (INSPIRE HEP)

Habilitation thesis

Some presentations

Heterotic/type II duality and non-geometric compactifications
Mirrored K3 automorphisms and non-geometric compactifications
One-loop corrections to heterotic flux compactifications
Dualities and new SUSY index of Fu-Yau compactifications
Asymmetric Gepner models
Heterotic Torsional Backgrounds, Threshold Corrections & Mock Modular Forms
Heterotic Torsional Backgrounds, from Supergravity to CFT
Domain-Wall Dynamics in SYM and Duality
Non-Supersymmetric Seiberg Duality in orientifold QCD & Non-Critical Strings
Brane Decay in Curved Spacetime


One-loop BPS Amplitudes in Heterotic Flux Compactifications
Heterotic torsional backgrounds, from supergravity to CFT

Teaching: lectures notes

Lectures on string theory (M2 ICFP)
Mécanique quantique (M1 concepts fondamentaux)
Analyse vectorielle (licence SPRINT)
Ondes mécaniques et lumineuses  (L3)


Black and White
Alpes (2020)
Pyrénées (2019)
Alpes (2018-2019)
Mukot Himal expedition, Nepal (2018)
Kyoto (2017-2018)
Pacific Northwest, USA (2017)
Bolivia (2004)
Siberia (2001)
Mongolia (1998)
Langtang, Nepal (1998)
Morocco (1995)
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I am interested in Arabo-Turkish classical music. Below are some of my compositions.

Samai Hijaz Kar
Samai Dil Nisin
Pesrev Isfahan