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LPTHE, University of Paris 6

4 place Jussieu, F-75005 Paris, France,

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  • Research interest key-words: Speculative trading, price peaks, sharp peak - flat through pattern, stock price bubbles, comparative history, analytical history, market integration, real estate prices, separatism and separatist uprisings, wheat prices, commodity prices, spatial arbitrage, spatial propagation of price fluctuations, social bonds, social cohesion, military occupation, resistance, suicide, apoptosis, intermarriage, mixed couples, white flight.

  • WHAT IS ECONOPHYSICS? Its origin, rational and purpose (click)

  • How can history become a real science? (click)

  • Driving Forces in Physical, Biological and Socio-economic Phenomena (2007) (click)

  • Teaching material (including various data sets) (click)

  • Interaction Maximization as an Evolution Principle for Social Systems (8 chapters) (click)

  • Seminars given in Singapore, China, Japan (2007, 2008, 2009) (click)

  • Probing social links (click) (i) Presentation of the project. (ii) Lectures on the principle of interaction maximization (8 chapters). (iii) Role played by social segmentation and fragmentation in the depression which began in 2008 (5 chapters). (iv) Experiments about links in insect populations.

  • Military occupation episodes: Japan, Germany, Iceland, Hawaii, China, South Korea, ... (click)
    Key-words: Germany, Iceland, Japan, World War II, MacArthur, Eichelberger, SCAP, SCAPIN, SCAPINs, GHQ, Eighth Army, BCOF, military commission, provost court, court martial, offenses, Military Government, Military police, censorship, Schedule of Restricted Concerns, B-yen, black market, inflation, arson, fraternization, brawls, demonstrations, famine, Shinto.
    Key-words in Japanese for the book on the occupation of Japan (click)

  • The prominent role of the United States in world affairs (click)

  • What can population pyramids tell us about past events? (click)

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    Economica, Paris (1991) ------------ Larousse, Barcelona (1996)

    Springer-Verlag, Berlin (1995) ----- Springer-Verlag, Berlin (2000)

    Elsevier, Amsterdam (2001) --------- Cambridge U.P., Cambridge (2002)

    Harvard U.P., Cambridge, Mass. (2002) ------- Rowman-Littlefield (2002)

    Odile Jacob, Paris (2004) ------- Cambridge U.P., Cambridge (2007)

    UPMC, LPTHE, Paris (2008) -- Springer (2009, 4 new chaps on the depression)