SEMINARS 2007: Singapore, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Beijing, Tokyo, Kyoto

  • Econophysics: challenges and promises Abstract, Slides

  • Real estate price peaks in comparative perspective Abstract, Slides

  • "Econophysics" article for Encyclopedia of Complexity (Springer 2008)

  • Number of US marriages: a case of data inaccuracy Slides

    SEMINARS 2008: Beijing, Sapporo, Tokyo

  • Maximization of contact seen as a general principle for the evolution of societies

    Part I: Empirical observations Abstract, Slides

    Part II: What are the effects of increased interaction Slides

    Part III: A global view of complexification in physical, biological and social systems Slides

    Part IV: Techniques for measuring interaction strength in social systems Slides

  • Was there a phase transition in the United States around 1975?

    Part I: Empirical observations Abstract, Slides

    Part II: Widening rifts Slides

  • The strange fate of Keynesian economics. Abstract, Slides

  • Keynes, Lucas, Aoki, Chen and Yoshikawa: Reappraising macroeconomics Abstract, Text

    SEMINARS 2009: Beijing, Tokyo

  • Are there free markets? Abstract, Slides