US vs. PRC

In 2007 when I visited China for the first time, one of the things which impressed me the most was the widespread admiration for the United States. This was visible not only at the level of the citizens but also in official Chinese medias. Thus, the so-called ``International'' Channel of CCTV, would have been better called an American channel for indeed about 90% of the content was about the US and most of it was highly appreciative.

The first of the following studies is an attempt to understand the origin of this pro-US stance.

  • Influence of the US State Department in Chinese affairs (click)

    Then, in the years following 2012, as China tried to assert its international position, the relations between China and the US became more tense. Several points of contention started to emerge, for instance the success of Chinese information technology companies which limited the expansion perspectives of Google, Apple, Amazon and the likes, the expansion of US arm sales to Taiwan, the incursion of US warships near South China Sea islands occupied by China. More broadly there were signs of a strugle for influence not only in South East Asia but also in other places, for instance in Africa.

    An investigation of this competition led to the following study.

  • US-PRC competition
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