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Particle Physics and Cosmology


All visible matter in the Universe is made of elementary constituents such as quarks and leptons (electrons and so on). Their interactions are mediated by particles such as photons, gluons and weak bosons. The theory that describes our current understanding of particle physics is known as the Standard Model.

Research in particle physics aims at a better understanding of the Standard Model (quantum chromodynamics and electroweak theory), and at the discovery of what lies beyond the energy scales that have already been explored. It is driven by the experimental results obtained at particle colliders such as the LHC.

Staff members:
Karim Benakli
Matteo Cacciari
Marco Cirelli
Benjamin Fuks
Mark Goodsell
Filippo Sala (on leave)
Hua-Sheng Shao
Pietro Slavich

Ajjath Abdul Hameed
Yann Cado
Taylor Murphy
Lukas Simon
Guoxing Wang

PhD students:
Diyar Agin
Maximilian Dichtl
Jordan Koechler
Yehudi Simon

Recent PhDs: Wenqi Ke, Carlo Branchina, Ari Joury, Manuel Utsch, Elena Pinetti, Gaetan Lafforgue, Ruben Oncala Mesa, Giovanni Stagnitto, Sophie Williamson, Yifan Chen, Johannes Braathen, Marta Perego, Luc Darmé, Frederic Dreyer, Emanuele Bagnaschi, Nicolas Meric, Nicolas Houdeau, Mathieu Rubin, Solène Chevalier-Thery, Quentin Duret, Redamy Perez-Ramos.

The research activity of the Particle Physics and Cosmology group at LPTHE follows different lines:

The group organizes an informal seminar, usually on Tuesday or Friday afternoon. See the program of past and forthcoming sessions.