QCD at Cosmic Energies - VII

 QCD Dynamics at the LHC and Super-High Energy Cosmic Rays


May 16 - 20,  2016
Chalkida, Greece

Org. Committee:
Yuri Dokshitzer (LPTHE, Paris-VI), Edmond Iancu (CEA, Saclay), Mark Strikman (Penn State Univ.), Dionysios Triantafyllopoulos (ECT)


The Workshop continues the series of similar interdisciplinary meetings held it Erice (2004), Skopelos (2005), Trieste (2007, 2009) and Paris (2012, 2013).
As before, we are planning to bring together theorists working on the QCD aspects of the LHC physics and cosmic ray interactions, and experimentalists in high energy QCD and in the highest energy cosmic rays. Among other things, the meeting will aim at stimulating novel analyses of the data accumulated by the LHC which should lead to a deeper understanding of the high energy QCD dynamics.
The workshop will review recent results of the studies of strong interactions at the LHC in pp and AA regimes, including new results on the forward dynamics, diffraction and total cross sections. On the theory side, a special attention will be paid to a new regime of strong interactions expected to emerge at these energies due to a rapid increase of the gluon densities in the nucleons at small x. A highlight of the meeting will include recent analyses of the superhigh energy pA dynamics from LHC 2013 pA run and first results of the 13 TeV pp run, recent AUGER results on the cosmic ray interactions near GZK  cutoff as well as  the  Ice Cube results.

The number of participants is limited by 40 (for both technical and ideological reasons). We plan to leave ample time for informal discussions.

If you want to participate in the Workshop, please send an email to organizers asap. Send the title of your presentation (should you want to make one).


City: The workshop will take place at Chalkida (capital of the province/island Evia or Euboea), Greece, a city of 100,000 people 80km north of Athens.

It starts on Monday May 16 and ends on Friday May 20.

Most of the sessions will be at the Conference Room Kleopatra B of Paliria Hotel. We plan to have the morning sessions of the first two days at the building of the City Town Hall, located just 200m  from the hotel.

PLEASE consult the BOOKING and ARRIVAL info below

Evia map






Hotel:  We have pre-booked 40 rooms at Paliria Hotel on the promenade of Chalkida.
Prices range from 47 to 64 Euros/night, depending on the type of room (city/side/sea view and/or single/double). The prices include breakfast.

BOOKING : Please book your room as soon as possible, and certainly not later than March 31st, by sending an email to Ria Louka (the receptionist of Paliria Hotel) at paliria.reception@gmail.com. Indicate in your message that you will be attending the workshop "QCD at Cosmic Energies" and give the following details regarding your stay:

a. Full name
b. Arrival and departure dates 
c. Your preference for a room with a side or sea view
d. Whether you will be accompanied by one or more persons

Notice that there is no need to give your credit number at this stage.

Conference fee: amounts to 120 euros.

MealsWe will have lunches and coffee breaks at Paliria Hotel. Regarding dinners, if no other plans have been made, participants will be free to choose one of the local restaurants. The Conference Dinner will most likely be on Thursday (the price should be around 30-40 Euros).



ARRIVAL : On Sunday, May 15th, there will be taxis sent from Chalkida to the Airport in order to take the participants directly to Paliria Hotel. Each taxi could typically take 3 passengers and the cost per taxi should not be more than 120 Euros (that is 40 Euros/person). Similarly, we can arrange for taxis to take people to the airport at the end of the workshop. Assuming normal traffic, it should be a 1-hour ride.

When you book your airplane tickets, and in order to arrange the shared taxi rides in the most efficient way, please send the necessary information (Airline, Flight Number, Arrival Time) to Dionysis Triantafyllopoulos at trianta@ectstar.eu.

Excursion: We plan to visit the New Museum of Acropolis (and presumably Acropolis) on Wednesday afternoon.
Time permitting, we may organize another short excursion within Evia.
We furthermore plan to have a guided tour to the Old Church of Saint Paraskevi (located a few hundred meters far from the hotel) and a short boat cruise in the Evian Gulf. Both activities are offered from the Municipality of Chalkida.

Yuri Dokshitzer
Photos - Marie Ka-Do