QCD at Cosmic Energies - VII


  1. Denis Allard                 <allard (at) apc.in2p3.fr>                           "UHECR source model and the transition from Galactic to extragalactic cosmic-rays"
  2. Sebastian Baur             <sebastian.baur (at) kit.edu>                      "Recent CMS results in the forward region with the CASTOR detector"
Jose Bellido                 <jose.bellidocaceres (at) adelaide.edu.au>  "Experimental constraints to high energy hadronic interaction models using the Pierre Auger Observatory - Part I"        
  4. Andrea Beraudo           <Andrea.Beraudo (at) cern.ch>                "Medium effects on heavy-flavour observables in high-energy nuclear collisions"
  5. Boris Blok                    <blok (at) physics.technion.ac.il>             "Multiparton interactions at LHC"
  6. Zvi Citron                    <zvi.citron (at) weizmann.ac.il>                "Highlights of pA and AA studies with ATLAS"
David D'Enterria         <dde (at) cern.ch>                                     "Global event properties in p-p collisions at sqrt(s) = 100 TeV from cosmic-ray hadronic MC models"
  8. Sun Guanhao               <anikenswin (at) gmail.com>                    "Impact of QCD jets and heavy-quark production on the muon anomaly in atmospheric showers from ultrahigh energy cosmic rays"
  9. Pablo Guerrero            <apguerrero0 (at) gmail.com>                   "Ultra-forward particle production from CGC+Lund fragmentation"
Paolo Gunnellini         <paolo.gunnellini (at) desy.de>                   Review of final state structure
11. Jan Kaspar                   <Jan.Kaspar (at) cern.ch>                           TOTEM
12. Leif Lonnblad              <leif.lonnblad (at) thep.lu.se>                     "Hadronic Final States in pA collisions"
13. Frasher Loshaj             <frasher.loshaj (at) kit.edu>                         HERWIG overview with focus on soft physics

14. Kohta Murase              <murase (at) psu.edu>                              "Cosmic neutrinos and multi-messenger connections: hints or conspiracy?"
15. Sergey Ostapchenko    <sergei (at) tf.phys.ntnu.no>                    "Constraining hadronic interaction models with LHC & cosmic ray data"
16. Tanguy Pierog             <tanguy.pierog (at) kit.edu>                     "Experimental constraints to high energy hadronic interaction models using the Pierre Auger Observatory - Part II
Paul Sorensen              <psoren (at) bnl.gov>                               "Studies of QGP and the Nuclear Matter Phase Diagram at RHIC"
19. Daniel Tapia Takaki     <Daniel.Tapia.Takaki (at) cern.ch>        "Ultraperipheral collisions at the LHC: results and perspectives"
20. Yoshiki Tsunesada       <yt (at) sci.osaka-cu.ac.jp>                     "Measurement of air shower maxima and p-Air cross section with the Telescope Array"
. Klaus Werner               <werner (at) subatech.in2p3.fr>              "Charm production in high multiplicity pp events"
22. Sebastian  White          <Sebastian.White (at) cern.ch>                "
The interaction region of high energy protons"

23. Yuri Dokshitzer                      <yuri (at) lpthe.jussieu.fr>
24. Edmond Iancu                        <edmond.iancu (at) cea.fr>          "From DGLAP evolution to collinearly-improved BFKL evolution, and back"
25. Mark Strikman                        <mxs43 (at) psu.edu>                  "Color fluctuations in photon-nucleus and proton-nucleus collisions at the LHC"
26. Dionysios Triantafyllopoulos  <trianta (at) ectstar.eu>                "Resumming large transverse logarithms in the high-energy evolution of color dipoles"