Please note that I have moved to the University of Melbourne. The information below may be outdated.
Directeur de recherche (CNRS) at LPTHE, (Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, Jussieu).

Me and my work:
  • Full publication list
  • Slides of some of my talks
  • My research interests: quantum integrable/exactly solvable models; algebraic geometry and combinatorics; random matrices.
  • Recent preprints/publications:

  • Some projects that I am associated with:
  • Check out this software! Macaulay2
  • or that I used to be associated with:
  • The conference Integrability, Combinatorics and Representations
  • The ERC grant 278124 Loop models, Integrability and Combinatorics
  • The ANR Program GranMa (ANR-08-BLAN-0311-01)
    Past school and conference.
  • The ESF program MISGAM
  • The European Network ENRAGE (MRTN-CT-2004-5616)
  • The ANR Program GIMP (ANR-05-BLAN-0029-01)
  • The French-Russian Mathematics Poncelet Laboratory in Moscow
  • The European Network ENIGMA (MRTN-CT-2004-5652)

  • Some documents / fun stuff that are available on this web page:
  • (alpha) a K(3-step) puzzle generator.
  • (IN PROGRESS) A summary of my 2015 lectures at HSE (Moscow) ``Geometry, Quantum integrability and Symmetric Functions''.
  • A puzzle/mosaic/Littlewood-Richardson tableau 4D viewer (requires a webgl-enabled browser)
  • Tables of virtual alternating links
  • Average number of loops of random planar maps (raw data)
  • Table of the number of 2-tangle diagrams up to 27 crossings (raw data)
  • My quasi-periodic tilings generator
  • An artistic view of Plane Partitions (requires a webgl-enabled browser)
  • An abelian sandpile simulator

  • No web page would be complete without some useless links, right? So, here are your Random Links of the Day: