ESF School in High Energy Physics and Astrophysics
Les Houches - Session 87
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Les Houches 87 - Lecture list updated: March, 15 2008

Les Houches session 87 Lecture list

Schedule of the lectures


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Lecturers Title Suggested Reading

I. AntoniadisTopics on String Phenomenology

Lecture notes arXiv:0710.4267
  • Flat extra dimensions and low scale string models: experimental predictions, short range forces, brane SUSY breaking, Standard Model embedding, electroweak symmetry breaking (lecture notes hep-ph/0512182 first six sections)
  • Magnetized branes: spectrum, minimal Standard Model embedding, D-term gauge mediation, moduli stabilization in the toroidal case (lectures notes hep-th/0510037 apart the last section, hep-th/0610246)
N. Arkani-Hamed Particle physics, cosmology and the landscape
J. BarbonHagedorn meets Hawking
L. BaulieuNon-renormalisation theorems in SYM4
T. Damour

Lecture notes arXiv:0802.4169
F. Denef Landscape analysis

Lecture notes arXiv:0803.1194
J. EllisLHC with strings attached
F. GianottiPreparing the experiments for first LHC data

G.-F. GiudiceSupersymmetry and the real world

  • Supersymmetry and supergravity by Wess, Julius; Bagger, Jonathan A (Princeton Univ. Press, 1992)
  • Modern supersymmetry : dynamics and duality by Terning, John, (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 2006)
  • Perspectives on supersymmetry by Kane, Gordon L (ed.) (Singapore: World Scientific, 1998)
  • Theory and phenomenology of sparticles : an account of four-dimensional N=1 supersymmetry in high-energy physics by Drees, Manuel; Godbole, Rohini M; Roy, Probir (Singapore: World Scientific, 2004)
Lecture notes
N. Glover QCD calculations
K. IntriligatorSupersymmetry breaking
I. KlebanovGauge/string dualities and their applications


Lecture notes arXiv:0803.1315
E. KiritsisSearching for the Standard Model in orientifold vacua

J. MaldacenaCosmology and fundamental theory

E. RabinoviciSpontaneous symmetry breaking of space time symmetries

Lecture notes arXiv:0708.1952
S. ShenkerLectures on Eternal Inflation
  • Eternal inflation and its implications A. H. Guth, hep-th/0702178
  • Disturbing implications of a cosmological constant L. Dyson, M. Kleban and L. Susskind, hep-th/0208013
  • Gravitational Effects On And Of Vacuum Decay S. R. Coleman and F. De Luccia, Phys. Rev. D 21, 3305 (1980)
  • Eternal inflation, bubble collisions, and the persistence of memory J. Garriga, A. H. Guth and A. Vilenkin, arXiv:hep-th/0612242
  • Towards observable signatures of other bubble universes A. Aguirre, M. C. Johnson and A. Shomer, arXiv:0704.3473 [hep-th]
  • Colliding with a crunching bubble B. Freivogel, G. T. Horowitz and S. Shenker, hep-th/0703146
  • A measure of the multiverse A. Vilenkin, hep-th/0609193
  • Inflation in AdS/CFT B. Freivogel, V. E. Hubeny, A. Maloney, R. Myers, M. Rangamani and S. Shenker, hep-th/0510046
  • A holographic framework for eternal inflation B. Freivogel, Y. Sekino, L. Susskind and C. P. Yeh, hep-th/0606204
A. UrangaThe Standard Model from D-branes
  • Chiral four-dimensional string compactifications with intersecting D-branes. hep-th/0301032
  • Toward realistic intersecting D-brane models. hep-th/0502005
  • Four-dimensional String Compactifications with D-Branes, Orientifolds and Fluxes hep-th/0610327
P. VanhoveNon renormalisation theorems in type II superstrings
U. WiedemannApplying AdS/CFT to problems in ultra-relativistic heavy ion collisions

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