The André Lichnerowicz Prize in Poisson Geometry

The André Lichnerowicz Prize in Poisson geometry was established in 2008. It is awarded for notable contributions to Poisson geometry, every two years at the "International Conference on Poisson Geometry in Mathematics and Physics", to researchers who completed their doctorates at most eight years before the year of the Conference.

The prize is named in memory of André Lichnerowicz (1915-1998) whose work was fundamental in establishing Poisson geometry as a branch of mathematics. It is awarded by a jury composed of the members of the scientific and advisory committees of the conference.

Previous Winners

2008: Henrique Bursztyn and Marius Crainic (2008 prize announcement)
2010: Marco Gualtieri and Xiang Tang (2010 prize announcement)
2012: Thomas Willwacher (2012 prize announcement)
2014: David Li-Bland and Ioan Mărcuţ (2014 prize announcement)
2016: Pavel Mnev and Travis Schedler (2016 prize announcement)
2018: Brent Pym and Chelsea Walton (2018 prize announcement)