Conferences related to Poisson geometry
2019: VII Workshop on Poisson Geometry and Related Topics
UFPR, Curitiba, Brazil, June 26-28, 2019
2016: Poisson Geometry and Mathematical Physics
Chern Institute, Nankai University, January 4-8, 2016
2015: International Conference Relativity and Geometry in memory of André Lichnerowicz
Institut Henri Poincaré, Paris, December 14-16, 2015
2014: Geometry and Mechanics, International Conference in honor of Charles-Michel Marle
Institut Henri Poincaré and Observatoire de Paris, November 22-24, 2014
2013: Conference in honor of Alan Weinstein
EPFL-CIB, Lausanne, July 22-26, 2013
2013: Symposium in honor of Alan Weinstein
Institut Henri Poincaré, Paris, July 18-20, 2013