QCD at Cosmic Energies - VI

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 QCD dynamics at the LHC and Super-high energy cosmic rays


May 14 - 17,  2013
Paris, France

Org. Committee:
Yuri Dokshitzer (LPTHE, Univ. Paris-VI), Ioana Maris (LPNHE, Univ. Paris-VI), Mark Strikman (Penn State Univ)

The Workshop continues the series of similar interdisciplinary meetings held it Erice (2004), Skopelos (2005), Trieste (2007, 2009) and Paris (2012).
It will bring together theorists working on the QCD aspects of the LHC physics and cosmic ray interactions, and experimentalists in high energy QCD and in the highest energy cosmic rays, aiming among other things to stimulate novel analyses of the data accumulated by the LHC which could lead to a deeper understanding of the high energy QCD dynamics.

We plan to leave ample time for informal discussions.


The number of participants is limited by 40 (for both technical and ideological reasons).

If you want to participate in the Workshop, please send an email to organizers asap. Send the title of your presentation (should you want to make one).

The Workshop starts on Tuesday May 14 and ends on Friday May 17.

The meeting will take place in the LPTHE seminar room, Tour 13, 4th floor on the Jussieu University site           ACCESS MAP



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Conference secretary :   Isabelle Nicolai
Phone : 
(+33) 1 44 27 41 22
Fax :     (+33) 1 44 27 73 93
E-mail : isabelle@lpthe.jussieu.fr
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Yuri Dokshitzer
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