Agenda: default format of
    review  talks 50 = 40 min (presentation) + 10 min questions
    session talks 40 = 35 min + 5 min

Tuesday    14

morning session :
  9.00               welcome
9.10-10.00     Ralf Ulrich                  Results of the Pierre Auger Observatory on Hadronic Interactions
10.00-10.40     Hauke Woehrmann   The CASTOR very forward calorimeter of CMS
  coffee break
Paul Newman              Diffraction at LHC 
Sebastian White           ZDC Physics in LHC pp Data

session :
14.00-14.50    Alfred Mueller            What I'd like to be measured at the LHC
  coffee break
15.20-16.10    Jiri Prochazka             Diffraction and Forward Physics at TOTEM
16.10-17.00   /discussion leader
                          Paul Newman
/             Discussion:  Forward Physics & Diffraction

Wednesday 15

morning session :
9.00-9.50        Andrzej Siodmok          Models of MPI in Monte Carlo generators
  coffee break
   Tanguy Pierog                 Air shower simulations after LHC
11.10-12.00   Hector de Vega                Deciphering the Nature of Dark Matter from Galaxy Observations

session :
14.00-14.50    Rick Field                        The Energy Dependence of the Underlying Event in Hadronic Collisions
  coffee break
15.20-16.10  Ralph Engel                     Problems in Model Building
16.10-17.00  /discussion leader
                         Mark Strikman
Discussion:  Exploring Transition from Soft to Hard QCD

Thursday   16
morning session :
9.00-9.50         Daniel Tapia Takaki     QCD Physics in pp and pA Collisions with ALICE   
Francesco Hautmann    Final states at the LHC from kt-dependent parton showers
   coffee break
Aaron Angerami            pA Physics with ATLAS
11.50-12.30    Johan Blouw                  Forward QCD dynamics with the LHCb detector

afternoon session :   
14.00-14.40    Hannes Jung                  TMD effects in small and large x processes at the LHC   
14.40-15.20    Anna Stasto                    QCD at LHeC
  coffee break
15.50-16.40   Edmond Iancu                Big Issues in Small-x Physics
16.40-17.20   /discussion leader
Hannes Jung/                 Discussion:  QCD in High Lumi pp Runs


Friday      17
session :
9.00-9.40        Jamal Jalilian-Marain       Photon-hadron Azimuthal Angular Correlations in High Energy Collisions
  coffee break
    David d'Enteria                Revealing double-parton scatterings in p-p and p-A collisions at the LHC    
11.00-11.40    Sergey Ostapchenko         Forward production and diffraction in pp and pA collisions
11.40-12.20    Hiroaki Menjo                        LHCf

14.00-14.40   Rodion Kolevatov                Theory Highlights of the pA Trento Workshop
  coffee break
15.10-15.50   Boris Blok                        MPI @ LHC
15.50-16.30   Daniele Treleani              Double parton interactions in pA and short range nuclear correlations