Harold Erbin


I'm a postdoctoral researcher in theoretical physics at MIT.

Main interests:

Related and side interests:

  • string amplitudes
  • properties of QFT
  • lattice QFT
  • 2d CFT
  • 2d quantum gravity
  • gauged supergravity
  • black holes
  • random tensor models


Current position:
CTP, MIT, United States & IAIFI, United States & CEA-LIST, France (Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellow)

Previous positions:

  • Università di Torino & INFN, Italy (postdoctoral researcher)
  • ASC, LMU, Munich, Germany (Alexander von Humboldt fellow)
  • LPTENS, ENS, Paris, France (CNRS postdoctoral fellow)
  • HRI, Allahabad, and ICTS, Bangalore, India (postdoctoral researcher)
  • LPTHE, Université Paris 6, Paris, France (PhD student)


String Field Theory – A Modern Introduction (Springer, Lecture Notes in Physics)

The draft of the book is available (thanks to Springer) in two versions:

The “review” version is organized by topics and serves as a buffer for things I want to write on: it contains more details and is updated more frequently, but it is not as polished as the “book” version.

Feedback, corrections and comments (on any version) are most welcome.

This book is based on lectures I gave within the Elite Master Program “Theoretical and Mathematical Physics” at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich (2017-2019).


The list below contains reviews and notes on various topics. Except for those also on arxiv, they should not be considered as finished and may contain errors.

Reviews and notes

Papers: notes and codes

The documents below contain materials on topics I have worked on. They contain additional details (such as computations) and remarks which may not appear in the papers. They can be freely used, even if I would appreciate being contacted if you find something useful to do with them.

Talks: slides and notes


Hand-written notes:


Errata for various scientific books:

If not indicated otherwise, these errata are not available on the authors' or editor's website and have not been verified by them. Send me an email if you find more typos and would like me to add them to these files.


Tools I am using for my research: