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Electronic systems in low dimensions.

1) One-dimensional interacting electrons. An important class of multi-loop diagrams (beyond the Dzyaloshinskii-Larkin theorem) has been related to the equilibration of one-dimensional interacting electrons. The remarkable result is the derivation of a T3-law for the energy relaxation of thermal carriers.

2) Reduced quantum electrodynamics (RQED). We have computed radiative corrections, up to 2 loop, for a general RQED. Remarkable results have been found : when the gauge -field is four-dimensional, its beta function is zero (as in the Luttinger liquid case). Moreover, the 2-loop interaction correction numerical constant to the polarization operator (conductivity) has been computed. It’s smallness may be an indication that interaction correction are (still) diff-cult to observe experimentally for (non-relativistic) graphene.

3) Skyrmion lattices for integer quantum Hall systems. We have studied quantum Hall ferromagnets with topologically charged spin textures in the presence of internal degrees of freedom such as spin, valley, or layer indices, so that the system is parametrised by a d-component complex spinor field.
In particular we have computed analytically the complete low-lying excitation spectrum, which separates into d^2-1 gapless acoustic magnetic modes and a magnetophonon.