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Here we put our contributions to the FLHA write-up.

Important remarks:

- Please make your contribution at latest by December 10th, in order to have one week to prepare the LH proceedings based on all the contributions. On November 30th, we will have a first try of gathering the contributions and eventually discuss some points, and then go for a second round until December 10th. So please try to make your first contribution before November 30th.

- We will not circulate the tex file by email, but rather use this wikipage as a repository.

- Some comments are given in red in the text which are to be taken care of and to be removed later on.

- Choose a color for yourself (excluding red), and make your additions/modifications in that color.

- Never remove a text, use instead \st{text} to strikethrough it.

- Name your modified file as flha_date_yourname.tex, and don't forget to upload your file to this wikipage.

List of contributions

Nazila/Sven (14/11/2009):    flha_141109_nazila.tex     flha_141109_nazila.pdf

Toru (22/11/2009):    Flha_221109_goto.tex    Flha_221109_goto.pdf

Maggie (23/11/2009):    Flha_231109_maggie.tex     Flha_231109_maggie.pdf

Nazila/Sven (11/12/2009):    Flha_111209_Nazila_Sven.tex     Flha_111209_Nazila_Sven.pdf

Juergen (13/12/2009):    Flha_131209_Juergen.tex     Flha_131209_Juergen.pdf

Aoife Bharucha (14/12/2009):    Flha_141209_Bharucha.tex     Flha_141209_Bharucha.pdf

Nazila/Sven (18/12/2009):    Flha_181209_Nazila_Sven.tex     Flha_181209_Nazila_Sven.pdf

Toru (21/01/2010):    Flha_210110_goto.tex     Flha_210110.pdf

Nazila/Sven (25/01/2010):    Flha_250110_Nazila_Sven.tex     Flha_250110_Nazila_Sven.pdf

Aoife (26/01/2010):    Flha_260110_Aoife.tex     Flha_260110_Aoife.pdf

Nazila/Sven (28/01/2010):    Flha_280110_Nazila_Sven.tex     Flha_280110_Nazila_Sven.pdf

Toru (01/06/2010):    Flha_010610_goto.tex     Flha_010610_goto.pdf

Alexandre (07/06/2010):    Flha_070610_arbey.tex     Flha_070610_arbey.pdf

Nazila/Sven (29/06/2010):    Flha_290610_Nazila_Sven.tex     Flha_290610_Nazila_Sven.pdf

Nazila/Sven (10/07/2010):    Flha_100710_Nazila_Sven.tex     Flha_100710_Nazila_Sven.pdf

Aoife (12/07/2010):    Flha_120710_Aoife.tex     Flha_120710_Aoife.pdf

Maggie (12/07/2010):    Flha_120710_Maggie.tex     Flha_120710_Maggie.pdf

Les Houches version


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