Tuning in the presence of matching

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Interested parties/present in discussion: , Piergiulio Lenzi, Vitaliano Ciulli, Peter Skands, Leif Lonnblad, Jon Butterworth, Jeppe Anderson, Mario Campanelli, Markus Warsinsky, Matthew Schwartz, Peter Loch, Dieter Zeppenfeld, +...

  • Chart the problem. Determine some Classic Examples.

Summary of study by Giulio Lenzi http://www.slac.stanford.edu/spires/find/hep/www?eprint=arXiv:0903.3918

  • How dependent on matching strategy?
  • Are there ways of revamping pre-matched tunes?
  • Influence of UE on matching and vice versa

How would low x logs affect tunes?

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