Tools and Monte Carlo Session 2 (BSM)

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Conveners present: Filip Moortgat (Exp), Peter Richardson (Th), Steffen Schumann (Th)
(Click here for Tools and Monte Carlo Session 1 (SM))


Existing Codes and Implementations

  • Are all interesting models currently implemented?
    • non-minimal models like hidden valley or quirks?
    • need for modified shower or fragmentation models?
  • Update the Durham / Les Houches BSM Tools repository: Les Houches BSM Tools Repository

Framework for new model implementations

  • Status of QNUMBERS approach: arXiv:0712.3311
  • Implementation of arbitrary models as an evolution of the BSM-LHEF
    • Feynman rule packages: LanHEP, FeynRules arXiv:0906.2474
    • spectrum calculators
    • (matrix element) generator interfaces
    • interfaces to parton showers and hadronisation models
    • generator validation strategies
  • incorporation into validated generator versions used by experiments

SM for BSM (with Session 1)

  • ME+PS matching for BSM processes
  • Boosted hadronic decays of BSM particles and decay products
  • BSM applications of New Jet Algorithms
  • Impact of MC tuning / uncertainty evaluations, on New Physics searches and measurements?

Detector simulation (with Session 1)

See Fast Detector Simulation Specification and Usage.

Flavour Les Houches Accord

  • With Tools WG of Flavor/LHC workshops. Model independent parametrization of flavor related quantities such as Wilson coefficients, exp. results, etc. Modify existing SLHA "structure" to host this accord? S. Heinemeyer, N. Mahmoudi.

For more information see Flavor Les Houches Accord

Common non-susy BSM scenario and benchmark points

  • Define & generate some benchmark common data sets?
  • Discussion (accord?) on how experiments and theory might best interact on new model testing


  • Possible training sessions on how to go from a model to event generation with new tools
    • Feynman rules: FeynRules, LanHep
    • spectrum calculators
    • MC generators: Herwig, Pythia, Sherpa, Whizard, MadGraph ...
    • detector simulation: Delphes

Work Topics identified during MC introductory session on June 18th, 2pm:

  • BSM implementations in MC:
    • hidden valley quirk : Jay, Frank, Steffen, Paddy, Peter, Matt, see HV showers and HV hadronization
    • overlapping resonances : Aldo, Jurgen, Peter, Claire
    • strong interaction, EW sector: Steffen
    • input from lattice to MC: Del Debbio
    • dirac gaugino masses
  • Training: FeynRules (+ Madgraph) /Delphes/Sherpa (all 20+) / Whizard (10+)
  • Discussion on validation procedures for new physics generators
  • Flavour LHA: Nazila, Jurgen, Pietro, Genevieve, Fawzi, Sabine
  • Discussion on non-susy BSM scenarios/ benchmark points
  • PDF errors propagating through MC: Del Debbio, Frank, Fawzi, Ashiba, James, Steffen, Tania

For all the topics above, dedicated meeting will be organized. Timeslots will be announced soon.

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