Tools and Monte Carlo Session 2 (BSM)

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Conveners present: Filip Moortgat (Exp), Peter Richardson (Th), Steffen Schumann (Th)
(Click here for Tools and Monte Carlo Session 1 (SM))


Existing Codes and Implementations

  • Are all interesting models currently implemented?
    • non-minimal models like hidden valley or quirks?
    • need for modified shower or fragmentation models?
  • Update the Durham / Les Houches BSM Tools repository: Les Houches BSM Tools Repository

Framework for new model implementations

  • Status of QNUMBERS approach: arXiv:0712.3311
  • Implementation of arbitrary models as an evolution of the BSM-LHEF
    • Feynman rule packages: LanHEP, FeynRules arXiv:0906.2474
    • spectrum calculators
    • (matrix element) generator interfaces
    • interfaces to parton showers and hadronisation models
    • generator validation strategies
  • incorporation into validated generator versions used by experiments

SM for BSM (with Session 1)

  • ME+PS matching for BSM processes
  • Boosted hadronic decays of BSM particles and decay products
  • BSM applications of New Jet Algorithms
  • Impact of MC tuning / uncertainty evaluations, on New Physics searches and measurements?

Detector simulation (with Session 1)

See Fast Detector Simulation Specification and Usage.

Flavour Les Houches Accord

  • With Tools WG of Flavor/LHC workshops. Model independent parametrization of flavor related quantities such as Wilson coefficients, exp. results, etc. Modify existing SLHA "structure" to host this accord? S. Heinemeyer, N. Mahmoudi.

Common non-susy BSM scenario and benchmark points

  • Define & generate some benchmark common data sets?
  • Discussion (accord?) on how experiments and theory might best interact on new model testing


  • Possible training sessions on how to go from a model to event generation with new tools
    • Feynman rules: FeynRules, LanHep
    • spectrum calculators
    • MC generators: Herwig, Pythia, Sherpa, Whizard, MadGraph ...
    • detector simulation: Delphes

Work Topics identified during MC introductory session on June 18th, 2pm:

  • BSM implementations in MC:
    • hidden valley quirk : Jay, Frank, Steffen, Paddy, Peter, Matt, see HV showers and HV hadronization
    • overlapping resonances : Aldo, Jurgen, Peter, Claire
    • strong interaction, EW sector: Steffen
    • input from lattice to MC: Del Debbio
    • dirac gaugino masses
  • Training: FeynRules (+ Madgraph) /Delphes/Sherpa (all 20+) / Whizard (10+)
  • Discussion on validation procedures for new physics generators
  • Flavour LHA: Nazila, Jurgen, Pietro, Genevieve, Fawzi, Sabine
  • Discussion on non-susy BSM scenarios/ benchmark points
  • PDF errors propagating through MC: Del Debbio, Frank, Fawzi, Ashiba, James, Steffen, Tania

For all the topics above, dedicated meeting will be organized. Timeslots will be announced soon.

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