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The Tools/MC Group spans both Les Houches sessions. To minimize confusion, each session has been assigned its own wiki page;


Tentative Proceedings Table of Content (120p total)

NOTE: All page assignments are VERY tentative. Please expect and/or do not get extremely upset when/if you end up being asked to reduce by a page or so.

NOTE 2: The order is also very tentative. Probably, contributions will be included in the order received, so submit early to get front page.

NOTE 3: We will assemble the combined document in this repository. If you would like direct access to this repository, please see the instructions on the link. If you prefer to work independently, that's fine, just use the templates properly and mail your contributions to the conveners.

Session 1

Wiki pages: Tools and Monte Carlo Session 1 (SM)

(contributions where we have a draft already in the repository are in bold face.


  • L. Lonnblad. LHEF v2. (12p)
  • J. Huston, F.-P. Schilling, P. Uwer. J.Weng NLO ROOT tuples. (5p)
  • S. Plaetzer. Merging Interface. (5p)


  • Rivet/Professor status and important data sets for tuning A. Buckley et al., (5p)
  • Towards uncertainty bands on MC tunes A. Buckley et al., (5p)
  • Tuning in the presence of matching P. Lenzi et al., (5p)

Beyond Fixed Order

  • R. Chierici, E. Maina. MPI in top (5p)
  • S. Weinzierl, Theory Tests. (3p)
  • A Matching scheme for Wgamma NLO ME generator and pythia parton shower D.~Majumder, K. Mazumdar, T. Sjostrand
  • S. Gascon, F. Piccinini, QED ME/PS Matching. (5p)
  • J. Andersen et al., The best predictions for Higgs + jets. (5p) expected
  • F. Cordero, G. Piaquadio, L. Reina, D. Wackeroth., Wbb in the high pT HW region (5p expected)


  • DELPHES S. Ovyn, X. Rouby
  • M. Campanelli et al., Detector Grid and Fourier Transforms (5p)
  • G. Hesketh et al., Experimental Definitions of Electron isolation (5p)


  • J. Butterworth, M. Schwarz, Jet substructure review (5p)
  • K. Hamilton et al., MC issues for jet substructure (5p)
  • P. Loch, P. Francavilla, Detector issues for jet substructure (5p)
  • M. Campanelli, P.Francavilla, P.Loch, J. Andersen et. al., Radiation Between Jets. (10p)

Session 2

Wiki pages:Tools and Monte Carlo Session 2 (BSM)

Tools/MC Conveners: TH: F. Maltoni (Louvain, Belgium), P. Richardson (IPPP, Durham, UK), S. Schumann (Heidelberg, Germany), P. Skands (Fermilab, USA).
EXP: J. Butterworth (ATLAS - University College London, UK), F. Moortgat (CMS - ETH Zurich, Switzerland)

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