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The Tools/MC Group spans both Les Houches sessions. To minimize confusion, each session has been assigned its own wiki page;


Tentative Proceedings Table of Content (120p total)

NOTE: All page assignments are VERY tentative. Please expect and/or do not get extremely upset when/if you end up being asked to reduce by a page or so.

NOTE 2: The order is also very tentative. Probably, contributions will be included in the order received, so submit early to get front page.

Session 1

Wiki pages: Tools and Monte Carlo Session 1 (SM)


  • L. Lonnblad. LHEF v2. (12p)
  • J. Huston, F.-P. Schilling, P. Uwer. NLO ROOT tuples. (5p)
  • S. Plaetzer. Merging Interface. (5p)
  • T. Binoth et al. Interface for automatic NLO codes (50% with NLO group?)


  • Rivet/Professor contribution. (5p)

Beyond Fixed Order

  • D. Kosower, P. Skands. Sector showers. (5p)
  • J. Andersen, P. Skands. Collinear Showers off High-Energy Matrix Elements. (5p)
  • R. Chierici, E. Maina, et al?. MPI in top (5p)
  • E. Maina. IR Divergences to All Orders. (5p)
  • J. Andersen et. al., Radiation Between Jets. (5p)
  • S. Weinzierl, Theory Tests. (3p)
  • S. Gascon, F. Piccinini et al., QED ME/PS Matching. (5p)
  • J. Andersen et al., The best predictions for Higgs + jets. (5p)


  • M. Campanelli et al., Detector Grid and Fourier Transforms (5p)
  • G. Hesketh et al., Experimental Definitions of Electron isolation (5p)

Session 2

Wiki pages:Tools and Monte Carlo Session 2 (BSM)

Tools/MC Conveners: TH: F. Maltoni (Louvain, Belgium), P. Richardson (IPPP, Durham, UK), S. Schumann (Heidelberg, Germany), P. Skands (Fermilab, USA).
EXP: J. Butterworth (ATLAS - University College London, UK), F. Moortgat (CMS - ETH Zurich, Switzerland)

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