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* What is needed for automating NLO matching?
* What is needed for automating NLO matching?
* Parton Showers as Phase Space Generators
* Matching at NNLO ?
* Matching at NNLO ?

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Les Houches Topics for WG3 (Tools and Monte Carlo)


Monte Carlos and Tuning

  • For Matching issues: see under Matching
  • For PDF issues: see under Parton Densities
  • For QCD radiation patterns and New Showers: see under Jets and Energy Flows

Validity of tunes and Uncertainty Bands (Sessions 1 & 2)

  • Automated Tuning: Rivet & Professor (Session 1)
  • Can we define regions of validity for the physics implemented in the MC? e.g. What about small x, high rapidity effects (Session 1)
  • Can we obtain credible uncertainty bands with existing tools, or are new methods needed (Session 1)
  • Impact of tunes on new physics searches (Session 2)
  • Maybe we can produce "Demystifying Tuning: A Les Houches Guide to Tuning?" (Session 1)

Tuning in the presence of matching (Session 1)

  • Chart the problem. Determine some Classic Examples.
  • How dependent on matching strategy?
  • Are there ways of revamping pre-matched tunes?
  • Influence of UE on matching

Common non-susy BSM scenario and benchmark points (Session 2)

  • Define & generate some benchmark common data sets?

BSM Monte Carlo (Session 2)

  • Update the Durham / Les Houches BSM Tools repository
  • Are all interesting models currently implemented?
  • FeynRules & LanHEP; implementation of arbitrary models as an evolution of the BSM-LHEF.
  • QNUMBERS developments.
  • Discussion (accord?) on how experiments and theory might best interact on new model testing
  • Possible training session on how to go from a model to event generation with new tools.
  • Impact of tunes on new physics searches (see tuning above).


Benchmarks for Matching (Sessions 1 & 2)

  • Experimental Benchmarks
  • Theoretical Benchmarks / Pathological Observables
  • New Physics Benchmarks?

With NLO/Multileg (Session 1)

  • Multileg Matching at NLO, state of the field
  • What is needed for automating NLO matching?
  • Parton Showers as Phase Space Generators
  • Matching at NNLO ?
  • Things to be learned from exploring matching in N=4 SYM, etc?

Matching beyond Fixed Order (Session 1)

  • In High-Energy Limit (low-x)
  • Influence of UE on matching
  • ...

Automated Matching for BSM Processes (Session 2)

Parton Densities

PDFs in Monte Carlos (Session 1)

  • Exploring the LO* PDFs, are we ready to use them for production?
  • Uncertainty Bands for the LO* PDFs
  • PDFs and their interaction with MC tuning

Beyond LO* (Session 1 & 2)

  • Are PDFs ready for NLO/Multuleg WG? (Session 1)
  • Electroweak and QCD in PDFs (Session 1)
  • BSM effects in PDFs (Session 2)

Jets and Energy Flows

Jet Substructure (Sessions 1 & 2)

  • Boosted hadronic decays of massive particles (W,Z,Top,H,BSM...)

QCD radiation patterns (Session 1)

  • rapidity gap definitions
  • colour flow and energy flow, coherence
  • QCD radiation patterns as a tool for reducing combinatorials in top, higgs, BSm searches...
  • Lessons from the new generation of parton showers

New Jet Algorithms (Sessions 1 & 2)

Jet Calibration

  • what truth do we calibrate to? (see last Les Houches for accord on final states)
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