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== Existing Codes and Implementations (Session 2) ==
== Existing Codes and Implementations (Session 2) ==
* [ Les Houches BSM Tools Repository]
* Update the Durham / Les Houches BSM Tools repository
* Update the Durham / Les Houches BSM Tools repository
* Are all interesting models currently implemented?
* Are all interesting models currently implemented?

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Tools/MC Conveners: TH: F. Maltoni (Louvain, Belgium), P. Richardson (IPPP, Durham, UK), S. Schumann (Heidelberg, Germany), P. Skands (Fermilab, USA). EXP: J. Butterworth (ATLAS - UC London, UK), F. Moortgat (CMS - ETH Zurich, Switzerland)


Monte Carlos and Tuning

  • For Matching issues: see under Matching
  • For PDF issues: see under Parton Densities
  • For QCD radiation patterns and New Showers: see under Jets and Energy Flows

Validity of tunes and Uncertainty Bands (Sessions 1 & 2)

  • Automated Tuning: Rivet & Professor (Session 1)
  • Can we define regions of validity for the physics implemented in the MC? e.g. What about small x, high rapidity effects (Session 1)
  • Can we obtain credible uncertainty bands with existing tools, or are new methods needed (Session 1)
  • Impact of tunes on new physics searches (Session 2)
  • Maybe we can produce "Demystifying Tuning: A Les Houches Guide to Tuning?" (Session 1)

Tuning in the presence of matching (Session 1)

  • Chart the problem. Determine some Classic Examples.
  • How dependent on matching strategy?
  • Are there ways of revamping pre-matched tunes?
  • Influence of UE on matching

BSM Monte Carlo (Session 2)

Existing Codes and Implementations (Session 2)

BSM-LHEF (Session 2)

  • arXiv:0712.3311
  • Implementation status (QNUMBERS).
  • Implementation of arbitrary models as an evolution of the BSM-LHEF. LanHEP, FeynRules.

Common non-susy BSM scenario and benchmark points (Session 2)

  • Define & generate some benchmark common data sets?
  • Discussion (accord?) on how experiments and theory might best interact on new model testing
  • Impact of tunes on new physics searches (see tuning above).

Flavour Les Houches Accord (Session 2)

  • With Tools WG of Flavor/LHC workshops. Model independent parametrization of flavor related quantities such as Wilson coefficients, exp. results, etc. Modify existing SLHA "structure" to host this accord? S. Heinemeyer, N. Mahmoudi.

Training (Session 2)

  • Possible training session on how to go from a model to event generation with new tools.


Benchmarks for Matching (Sessions 1 & 2)

  • Experimental Benchmarks
  • Theoretical Benchmarks / Pathological Observables
  • New Physics Benchmarks?

With NLO/Multileg (Session 1)

  • Multileg Matching at NLO, state of the field
  • What is needed for automating NLO matching?
  • Parton Showers as Phase Space Generators
  • Matching at NNLO ?
  • Things to be learned from exploring matching in N=4 SYM, etc?

Matching beyond Fixed Order (Session 1)

  • In High-Energy Limit (low-x)
  • Influence of UE on matching
  • ...

Jet Clustering Parameters for Matching

  • Possible to agree on Standard for describing, e.g. in Les Houches Event Files, properties and cuts used in ME generation that subsequent matching steps based on jet clustering would need to know about?

Automated Matching for BSM Processes (Session 2)

Parton Densities

PDFs in Monte Carlos (Session 1)

  • Exploring the LO* PDFs, are we ready to use them for production?
  • Uncertainty Bands for the LO* PDFs
  • PDFs and their interaction with MC tuning
  • Pythia 8 - Advantages/disadvantages of using one PDF for hard scattering ME (best cross section?) and another for evolution (universal tuning?)

Beyond LO* (Session 1 & 2)

  • Are PDFs ready for NLO/Multileg WG? (Session 1)
  • Electroweak and QCD in PDFs (Session 1)
  • BSM effects in PDFs (Session 2)

Jets and Energy Flows

Jet Substructure (Sessions 1 & 2)

  • Boosted hadronic decays of massive particles (W,Z,Top,H,BSM...)

QCD radiation patterns (Session 1)

  • rapidity gap definitions
  • colour flow and energy flow, coherence
  • QCD radiation patterns as a tool for reducing combinatorials in top, higgs, BSm searches...
  • Lessons from the new generation of parton showers

New Jet Algorithms (Sessions 1 & 2)

Jet Calibration

  • what truth do we calibrate to? (see last Les Houches for accord on final states)
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