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Goal is to make a table mapping signatures to models (representative of specific particle contents and interactions), with corresponding scores.


  • Resonant: OS dileptons, SS dileptons, ttbar, dijet, diboson (WW/WZ/ZZ/Wg/Zg/gg)
  • Non-resonant: trileptons, dilepton+MET, lepton+jets+MET, jets+MET, multi-W/Z, multi-top
  • Exotic: new jets



  • -3: Does not happen (without extending the model)
  • -2: Yes, but only if violate existing EWK or flavor constraints
  • -1: Yes, but yields wrong dark matter density/violates dark matter constraints
  • 0: Cannot compute a prediction
  • 1:
  • 2: Predicted & consistent
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