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*MSSM with multi-TeV scalars, light gluinos/gauginos

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Goal is to make a table mapping signatures to models (representative of specific particle contents and interactions), with corresponding scores. Fell free to go ahead and add models or signatures, keeping in mind that:

  • the goal is not to guess the "right model", but rather
  • choose models with characteristic particle content and dynamics.

This way, if signals are seen the table can be used to identify probable features of the true underlying physics. (This is in addition to its didactic value.)


  • Resonant: OS dileptons, SS dileptons, ttbar, dijet, diboson (WW/WZ/ZZ/Wg/Zg/gg)
  • Non-resonant: trileptons, dilepton+MET, lepton+jets+MET, jets+MET, multi-W/Z, multi-top
  • Exotic: new jets, (semi-)long-lived particles decaying to pairs of visible particles, LLP decaying with invisibles


  • MSSM with multi-TeV scalars, light gluinos/gauginos


  • -3: Does not happen (without extending the model)
  • -2: Yes, but only if violate existing EWK or flavor constraints
  • -1: Yes, but yields wrong dark matter density/violates dark matter constraints
  • 0: Cannot compute a prediction
  • 1: Can happen, but do not know if consistent with precision data if it does
  • 2: Predicted & consistent
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