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Aim: Define and implement a common ROOT ntuple output format for NLO programs

People interested: Joey Huston, Frank-Peter Schilling, Joanna Weng

Proposal for variables to be stored

 // 4-vectors of incoming and outgoing partons
 std::vector<float> m_px,m_py,m_pz,m_e; 
 // x1 and x2 values 
 float m_x1,m_x2;
 // initial state particle IDs 
 // (PDG convention: 0=g,1=u,2=d,...,6=t,-1=ubar,...,-6=tbar)
 int m_id1,m_id2;
 // factorization and renormalization scale
 float m_fac_scale,m_ren_scale;
 // event weight
 float m_weight;
 // user weights
 std::vector<float> m_user_weights;
 // unique event number
 long m_evt_no;
 // pointers to related (real emission / counterterm) events
 std::vector<long> m_evt_pointers;
 // PDF reweights
 std::vector<float> m_pdf_weights;
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