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Hello everybody, and welcome to the embryonic Les Houches 2009 QED/EW ME/PS Matching page!

A big 'thank you' to Peter, Fabio and Jon for having created the page.

Anyone who is not yet on the 'expressed interest' list, and who would like to be, please send me a mail: smgascon@in2p3.fr.

First discussion: Wednesday 10 June at 11h30 in the QCD room.

What happened at the first discussion:

1) Status of trials with ALPGEN interfaced with PYTHIA:

a) A 'manual' procedure has been developed by Fulvio, Mauro Moretti and implemented by Clement and Suzanne. The test process is zphjets (== Z + mgamma + njets, author Roberto P.)

The procedure eliminates double-counting between: Z + 0 gamma + 0 jets (photon provided by PYTHIA PS) and Z + 1gamma + 0 jets (photon provided by ALPGEN)

Order of magnitude of double-counting was found to be ~5%.

The 'manual' procedure is now being checked by Suzanne, Clement and J. Tao on the test processes njets and phjet (==mgamma + njets)

The procedure would eliminates double-counting between: 2jets (photon provided by PYTHIA PS) and 1gamma + 1jet + 1gamma + 2jets (photon provided by ALPGEN)

b) A trial test automated procedure has been implemented in ALPGEN by Fulvio and Mauro M and is being validated and cross-checked by Suzanne, Clement and J. Tao . The test process is phjet (== mgamma + njets)

The procedure eliminates double-counting between:

1 gamma + 1jet (exclusive) and 2gamma + 1jet (inclusive) with photons provided by ALPGEN

   Fulvio has started working on porting the test automated procedure to the process njets. It will be cross-checked against the manual procedure (see a) above)

2) Wish list (under construction)

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