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'''Talks and links'''
BSM with top:
* [] ATLAS note on top reconstruction with substructure

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New Physics at the LHC

The New Physics part will meet at Les Houches during the period 17-26 June 2009, but people should form an idea of the studies they would like to pursue before that. All work should be completed by the end of 2009. The preference will be for studies focused on recent developments in new physics possibilities.

Discussion sessions:

Thursday, 15:00 Auditorium: BSM with top, incl. jet structure

Friday, 9:00 Auditorium: Dark matter & colliders, hidden sectors/valleys

Friday, 11:00 Auditorium: Dictionaries mapping signatures to models, incl spin/mass determination and model-independent searches.

Talks and links

BSM with top:

* [1] ATLAS note on top reconstruction with substructure


From the information given during the registration process, the following "groups of interest" were identified:

   -Extra dimensions: Agashe, Boos, Bunichev, Cacciapaglia, Deandrea, Fichet, Fox, 
    Gopalakrishna, Grojean, Harper, Henderson, Karagoz Unel, Kraml, Lee, Llodra-Perez, 
    Mahmoudi, Moreau, Morrissey, Przysiezniak, Rosenfeld?, Servant, Singh, Wacker.
   -Technicolor & other EWSB: Agashe, Black, Bose, Boudjema, Del Debbio, Gripaios, 
    Grojean, Harper, Lane, Maravin, Martin, Rosenfeld, Servant, Shepherd, Wacker.
   -Z': Basso, Harper, Jackson, Reuter, Singh, Shepherd.
   -BSM through top: Agashe, Boos, Boudjema, Brooijmans, Gray, Gripaios, Grojean, Karagoz 
    Unel, Lee, Lessard, (Raklev), Servant, Shepherd, Singh, Tytgat, Vos, Wacker.
   -Hidden Valley: long-lived particles: Basso, Gershtein, Maravin, Morrissey , Strassler, Tomalin.
   -Hidden Valley: multiparticle production (benchmarks and backgrounds): Strassler.
   -Dark matter and colliders: Agashe, Belanger, Boudjema, Fox, Gopalakrishna, Kraml, 
    Kribs, Lee, LLodra-Perez, Mahmoudi, Martin, Morrissey, Pukhov, Robens, Roy, Raklev, Sekmen, Shepherd, Strassler.
   -Dictionary of signatures & model-independent searches: Belyaev, Bruneliere, Das, 
    Datta, Del Debbio, Fichet, Fox, Gopalakrishna, Henderson, Kauer, Kraml, Lari, Reuter, Robens, Roy, Sekmen, 
    Shepherd, Tytgat.
   -Spin/mass determination: Boudjema, Datta, Gripaios, Lester, Mahmoudi, 
    McElrath, Reuter, Robens, Singh.
   -SUSY Pheno: Fichet, Kraml, Lari, Mahmoudi, Martin, Morrissey, Reuter, Robens, Roy, Slavich, Spira.
   -Tools: Basso, Belyaev, Boos, Bruneliere, Bunichev, Cacciapaglia, Das, Datta, 
    Del Debbio, Kraml, Mahmoudi, Przysiezniak, Pukhov, Reuter, Richardson, Semenov, Slavich, 
    Spira, Strassler.

(Before registration, we had listed some possibilities:

   - Hidden valleys (and other models with long-lived particles)
   - New physics decaying to top quarks
   - Exotic quarks
   - 4th family (mirror or sequential)
   - LHC-dark matter: LHC signals related to hints from PAMELA, ATTIC, DAMA

Furthermore, it would be interesting to further develop guidelines for follow-ups after a potential discovery: if we see X then what should we look for?)

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