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Identifying which processes have (not) been calculated (possibly differentially) so far which were on the previous wish list(s). Identify the need (or not) to update this list. Perform comparisons of calculations from different groups. Establish list of results with PDF and scale uncertainties etc.

People signed up for this group:

  • Fawzi
  • Dieter
  • Gudrun
  • Vitaliano
  • Rikkart
  • Nicolas
  • Stefano
  • Stefan (D)
  • Stefan (W)
  • Nikolas
  • Alessandro
  • Thomas (R)
  • Frank-Peter
  • Duc Ninh
  • Marcus
  • Sunhao
  • Gregorious
  • Son
  • Darren
  • Simon (B)
  • Achilleas

Topics touched so far:

  • Is it necessary to update the 2007 Les Houches wish list? An alternative option could be to properly add decays in the existing NLO tools (Joey).

The discussion on updates to the wishlist lead to the following preliminary result [[1]].

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