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Discuss on the various NLO techniques, identify if and what exactly can be standardized in these NLO calculations. Discuss on automation.

People signed up for this group:

Fawzi, Peter, Gudrun, Giampiero, Ian, Tanju, David, Rikkart, Nicolas, Laura, Stefano, Stefan, Nikolas, Ruth, Thomas (R), Maria Vittoria, Duc Ninh, Marcus, Sunhao, Isabella, Son, Vittorio, Lorenzo, Daniel, Darren, Simon (B), Achilleas, Carlo

Les Houches accord for a standard interface between leading order Monte-Carlo tools and one-loop programs (OLPs)

A view slides which are related to the discussion on standardization can be found here (June 2009) [[1]] The starting point for a concrete interface was provided by Tanju and Daniel in this Draft (June 2009).

After extensive discussions and exchange of ideas we have formulated this (preliminary) proposal [[2]] for a MC/OLP interface in December 2009. Several groups and individuals have provided input for this document and work on implementations now. First working examples are expected to be documented in the Les Houches proceedings. We will try to collect relevant program fragments on this page which may serve as guidelines and help for users and providers of MCs and OLPs.

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