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Identify important data sets which are not in rivet but should be.

Data sets and volunteers below:

  • CDF inclusive jet shapes (Steve M)
  • CDF b-jet shape paper. Available in rivet but nees to be validated.
  • ZEUS jet shapes paper.
  • Differential Cross sections in Z/gamma events by D0, already contains some Generator comparisons (Markus & Giacinto will follow this up in Henrik Nilsen -- already got a positive reply from Henrik and he is willing to help, however, whole analysis is very clear and already all corrections are already done down to particle level.)
  • Minimum bias data from UA5, E735 which is in HZTOOL should be moved to rivet. (Jon B)
  • Run I CDF data on K, Lambda identified paricle production (??)
  • NNL event shape data could be used for MC comparisons (Matt S)
  • Fragmentation functions from LEP, CDF (??)

Also, the CDF max/min cone analysis seems to have been fixed/validated in rivet during the meeting (Markus, Andy).


More min/max rivet plots.

-- should be confirmed also by Andy?

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