Higgs phenomenology

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Dedicated discussions on recent results and ongoing studies, such as backgrounds (tTbB), effects of strong experimental cuts such as jet veto on K-factors, efficiencies, definition of rapidity gaps etc.

People signed up for this group:

  • Carlo
  • Bruce
  • Sally
  • Susan
  • Dieter
  • Rohini
  • Giampiero
  • Jon
  • Simon
  • Markus
  • Giacinto
  • Matthew
  • Stefano
  • Stefan
  • Ketevi
  • Joanna
  • Due Ninh
  • Sunhao
  • Gregorios
  • Jeppe
  • Radja

Main discussions/contributions so far

  • review talks by Dieter and Ketevi
  • O(alpha) and O(alphas) calculations for Higgs decay to 4 fermions
  • corrections and discrepancies to HDECAY shown
    • Markus, Stefan
  • new approach to multi-jet production, for applications such as H+jets
    • Jeppe
  • exp. study of WH, with H->bb, boosted Higgs, fat jet, subjets
    • Giacinto

  • extensive discussion on exp. and theo. systematics for Higgs searches, in particular H->WW
    • identified need to obtain best possible predictions for tT background in different regions of phase space, such as high and low phi_ll region
    • also very important: have such tT predictions for 0,1,>1jet bins
    • possible to get gg->WW background at NLO?
    • for a H->WW search below mH=150 GeV: would need even better control than what is aimed for now.
    • current best predictions of inc. Higgs cross section: scale error -11,+7%, pdf +-9 %.
    • Action item: understand where this relatively large pdf error comes from
    • Would be nice to get understanding of the presentation of the Tevatron exclusion limit, in particular:inclusion of theo. uncertainties on SM prediction. Should the full band go below 1 for exclusion?
    • Put effort to normalize (and understand in the detail the systematics) the Higgs signal to Z production. See also normalization discussions under Observables.
    • To be studied: how much lumi is needed to feed back LHC measurements (Z rapidity etc) into pdf determinations
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