Gg initial states (Higgs, with NLM Higgs)

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gg> H + jets study

People so far :

  • P. Skands,
  • F. Maltoni,
  • M. Mangano, Alpgen matched with PS
  • S. de Visscher, MG/ME matched with PS
  • J. Andersen, HE approach
  • J. Winter, S. Hoeche, SHERPA
  • K. Hamilton, HERWIG++ (+POWHEG)

Parameters/plots of the study number 1: Inclusive Higgs

  • CTEQ6M for NLO and NNLO results
  • CTEQ6L1 for LO results
  • pp @ LHC10, mh=120
  • jet-algorithm : kt with D=0.7, min jet p_T = 20 GeV


1. Jet rates (up to 4 or 5)

      logarithmic in [10^0.5,10^3] GeV bins of 0.1

2. Pt (pt) and and pseudo-rapidity (eta) of the Higgs:

      pt in [0:250] GeV bins of 10  GeV
      pt in [0:50] GeV bins of 2  GeV
      eta in [-5.25 : 5.25] bins of 0.5 

3. pt jets and eta of jets and deltaR(i,j):

      1st  j pt [0:250] GeV  bins of 10 GeV
      2nd  j pt [0:150] GeV  bins of 10 GeV
      3rd  j pt [0:100] GeV  bins of 10 GeV
      4rd  j pt [0:100] GeV  bins of 10 GeV
      nth  j eta [-5.25:5.25] in bins of 0.5
      Delta12,23,34 in [0,5] in bins of 0.2

1. Ht_red and Ht

     a. Sum of pt_jets (no higgs) in [0:500] bins of 10 GeV
     b. Sum of pt_jets + pt higgs in [0:500] bins of 10 GeV

Parameters/plots of the study number 2: Higgs + dijet

Jeppe and Stefan to fill this. I want to mention that it would be probably interesting to have also MCFM numbers here for H+2jet at NLO. Maybe we should ask Giulia....

[Jeppe says: It certainly would be, but is currently not possible. hjj@NLO was never implemented in MCFM since the virtual corrections were evaluated using a (semi-)numerical method, which turned out to be too slow. John Campbell is currently working on implementing the recently calculated analytic form for the virtual currections]

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