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The FeynRules project

  • Implementation and validation of new models
    • B-L: implemetation completed, validation in MC tools ongoing (L. Basso).
    • Dirac gauginos: Dirac gluinos are implemented. The implementation of the full model is ongoing (C. Duhr, P. Fox, B. Fuks, G. Kribbs, A. Martin).
    • MSSM: Validation of the model in Sherpa has started and is ongoing (C. Duhr, B. Fuks, S. Schumann).
    • NMSSM: Implementation of the model is complete. Validation again Whizard will soon start (Herwig++?) (C. Duhr, B. Fuks, J. Reuter).
    • RPV MSSM: Implementation is achieved (C. Duhr, B. Fuks).

  • Validation procedure
    • Any model can be put on the FeynRules website.
    • Each model will be rated regarding the validation performed, from zero to four stars.
    • Guidelines for validation
      • First star [DOC]
        • The model should be documented (description, references to the Lagrangian and field content, ...).
        • If the model is only a theory fragment, this should be stated.
        • Consistency of the input parameters (external vs. internal, all external plus a spectrum generator,...).
      • Second star [THEO]
        • Basic sanity checks: hermiticity of the Lagrangian, signs in the covariant derivatives, ...
        • If the Feynman rules are available in the literature, comparison (+ references).
        • If any theoretical work is available in the literature, reproduction (handmade or FeynArts/FormCalc or any other symbolic tool).
      • Second star [THEO]

  • Copyright issue
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