Dirac Gauginos

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Dirac Gauginos:

please sign your name up to the projects you are interested in:

Adam Martin Tuhin S Roy(tuhin@uoregon.edu)

List of topics is below:

  • Monte Carlo implementation: cross-check of the current MG/ME and CalcHEP implementations, implementation into FeynRules

(Adam, Tuhin)

  • Benchmarks:

== 1.) low mass point, essentially a Diracified version of the SPSXX points. Attempt to match/maximize the rates. Aim for largest differences between Dirac and Majorana gauginos.

== 2.) high mass points: using unification to reduce the dimension of the parameter space.

  • Determining Majorana vs. Dirac character of gauginos:

Possible techniques/ideas can be found in "0808.2410" and "0811.4445"

  • Dirac gauginos and chargino NLSPs: "0807.4936" (Adam)

Feel free to add more ideas. Any questions, email "adam.martin@yale.edu"

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