Jean-Bernard Zuber Zuber - Exposés
Jean-Bernard Zuber

1 Horn's problem, from classical to quantum(.pdf), talk given at Amsterdam and LPTHE, Sept.-Oct. 2017

2 Counting Doodles, an hommage to Claude Itzykson(.pdf), talk given at the 20th Itzykson Conference, Saclay, June 10th, 2015

3 Invariances in Physics and Group Theory(.pdf), talk given at the conference "Lie and Klein; the Erlangen program and its impact on mathematics and physics", Strasbourg, Sept. 2012

4 ``Angular'' matrix integrals (.pdf), an avatar of lectures given at Rutgers, Orsay, Stockholm, Montreal

5 Introduction to random matrices (.pdf)

6 Logarithmic minimal models and their integrable realization (.pdf)

7 Lattice Loop Models and Combinatorics (.pdf)

8 Matrix Integrals and Knot Theory (.pdf)