11 - 15 October 2010

Amphithéâtre Hermite

Institut Henri Poincare’, Paris

The appearance of decoherence in closed quantum systems composed of discrete variables is the problem of practical importance because it is responsible for the noise generation in solid state qubits and of fundamental interest for solid state physics because it might lead to the appearance of novel low temperature phases in strongly disordered materials. At the same time it is also of a fundamental importance because it concerns the issue of reversibility in quantum mechanics. 

The conference is on the interrelated subject of decoherence in closed quantum systems and the foundation of quantum mechanics. The idea of the conference is to bring together the experimentalists and theorists interested in this topic.


                                                                                     The organizers

                                                      Benoit Doucot (LPTHE, Paris)               doucot@lpthe.jussieu.fr

                                                      Lara Faoro (LPTHE, Paris and Rutgers)  faoro@lpthe.jussieu.fr

                                                      Lev Ioffe (Rutgers and RTRA)           ioffe@physics.rutgers.edu

                                                      Marc Mezard (LPTMS, Orsay)             mezard@lptms.u-psud.fr

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Arrow of time and the problem of decoherence in closed solid state quantum systems