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Statistical and Condensed Matter Physics

The scientific activities of the Statistical Mechanics and Condensed Matter (MSMC) group are varied. The Statistical Physics group covers such diverse areas as conformal field theory and applications for out of equilibrium phenomena. In Condensed Matter, the main interests are superconducting qubits, transport in hybrid systems, and electronic systems in low dimensions.

We will present below some of the main activities of the group.

Staff Members:
L. Cugliandolo,
V. Dotsenko,
B. Doucot,
B. Estienne,
L. Faoro,
M. Picco,
B. Roehner,
G. Schehr,
S. Teber.

Bagoje Oblak

PhD Students:
Damien Barbier
Francesco Chippari
Benjamin De Bruyne
Andriani Keliri
Simon Metayer
Francesco Mori

Recent PhD theses: B. Billaud (2009), B. Estienne (2009), D. Loi (2009), A. Sicilia (2009), C. Aron (2010), D. Levis (2012), J. Bonart (2013), T. Blanchard (2014), T. Liu (2015), H. Ricateau (2017), A. Tartaglia (2018), K. Yang (2019).

Main topics of works done recently :