The goal of the workshop is to discuss how a consistent treatment of quantum effects in a process supposedly leading to black hole formation and evaporation, may solve the so-called information paradox.
This problem will be tackled from various directions: back-reaction effects could possibly blur the  picture of a classical event horizon; transplankian energy collisions, when considered in regimes that would imply  semi-classically gravitational collapse, may teach how information can be actually retrieved; the AdS/CFT correspondence could achieve the same goal by mapping the gravitational problem into a gauge-theoretic one; the identification of black hole microstates in a quantum/string framework may not imply that a classical metric can be assigned to individual states or that these provide a statistical mechanics understanding of black hole thermodynamics.
The format of the workshop will be somewhat unusual. Rather than being a succession of invited talks, it will consists of different sessions each one devoted to a particular approach to the general theme.  In each session, a convener will introduce the specific topic of the session, invite a limited number of short interventions, and then chair a long -and hopefully lively- exchange of ideas involving all the participants.

Organizing committee: Daniele Amati (SISSA), Costas Bachas  ENS), Thibault Damour (IHES), Gabriele Veneziano (Coll. de France)

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