Agenda: default format of 

    review  talks 50 = 40 min (presentation) + 10 min questions 

    session talks 40 = 35 min + 5 min 

Monday    11  

morning session :

 9.00              welcome

 9.10-10.00     Peter Biermann           The Origin of Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays: The Particle Physics LAB CEN A

10.00-10.20    Ralph Engel                   Extensive Air Showers and Hadronic Interactions

  coffee break 

10.50-11.40    Ralph Engel                   Extensive Air Showers and Hadronic Interactions (cont.) + NA 61

11.40-12.20    Andrzej Siodmok       TBA

afternoon session :  

14.00-14.50    Hector de Vega              From cold to warm dark matter in the standard model of the universe and galaxy structure

14.50-14.30    Valentina Avati          TOTEM Results

  coffee break      

15.00-15.40    Lorenzo Cazon              Muon measurements with Auger

15.40-16.20    Oscar Adriani                LHCf: results on forward particle production at LHC and future perspectives

16.20-17.10   Aleksander Kusenko   Cosmic connections: from cosmic rays to gamma rays, to cosmic backgrounds and magnetic fields

Tuesday    12

morning session :

9.00-9.50         Sasha Milov                  New results in Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions

  coffee break 

10.20-11.10    Andrea Beraudo          Heavy Ion Collisions. Theory overview.

11.10-12.00    Leif Lonnblad              An overview of the Lund approaches to high energy scattering

afternoon session :

14.00-14.50    Gerhard Brandt           Interplay of Soft and Hard Processes in Minimum Bias and Underlying Events at ATLAS

  coffee break 

15.20-16.10    Lev Kheyn                      General features of forward physics as observed by CMS

16.10-16.50    Anna Stasto                   Challenges in the small x dynamics

Wednesday 13

9.00-9.50         Jianwei Qiu                  Status, open questions and perspectives of pA interaction studies

9.50-10.30       Tanguy Pierog            Interpretation of LHC min bias data and CR hadronic interaction models

   coffee break

11.00-11.50    Valentina Avati         TOTEM Results

11.50-12.30     Ralf Ulrich                    The Proton-Air and Proton-Proton Cross-Sections

12.30-13.10     Glennys Farrar           Evidence for Chiral Symmetry Restoration in Utra-high Energy Collisions

afternoon :  FREE.   

Conference Dinner 21.00-23.15  (on the boat) :  "La Marina de Paris". 

Port de Solferino. Rive Gauche (near Orsay Museum).  Metro : Musee d'Orsay, Assemblee Nationale

Thursday   14 

9.00-9.50        Alfred Mueller              Very high energy scattering in QCD 

  coffee break 

10.20-11.10   Antonio Sidoti                 Diffraction and Forward Physics Studies with ATLAS 

11.10-12.00   Dmitri Semikoz               Propagation of UHECR in the magnetic fields

afternoon session :

14.00-14.40    Ted Rogers                       Unitarity in hadron-hadron collisions at Ultra-High energies

14.40-15.20    Sebastian White            Tools for Studies in Diffraction at Full LHC Luminosity

  coffee break 

15.50-16.30   Adrian Dumitru             KNO scaling of multiplicity fluctuations in pp and pA collisions from high-energy evolution

16.30-17.10   Francesco Hautmann    Forward jet and heavy boson production and small-x QCD

Friday      15  

9.00-9.50        Jamal Jalilian-Marian   Probing small x QCD dynamics via photon-hadron azimuthal correlations in high energy pA collisions

  coffee break 

10.20-11.10    Daniele Treleani               Collisions of protons with light nuclei shed new light on nucleon structure

11.10-12.00    David Enteria                   Hadronic Monte Carlos for cosmic ray physics: What have we learnt from LHC data? 

afternoon session :

14.00-14.40    Sergey Ostapchenko     Hadronic collisions in QGSJET-II: applications for LHC and CR physics

14.40-15.20     Michael Murray             Very forward physics at the CMS

  coffee break 

15.50-16.30    Colin Baus                       Importance of the CASTOR detector at CMS for Hadronic Air Shower Physics

16.30-17.10    Boris Blok                        Three-parton collisions in Multi-Parton Interactions